About us

EOLTAS is a Lithuanian company that has been working since 1993, annually growing and trading auto parts for responsible drivers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the whole of Europe. Products and services of the company are chosen by the owners of their cars and lives who are not afraid of thinking with their own heads, who know how to count and choose. EOLTAS leadership in the auto parts sector of the country is ensured by the company’s main principle applied in all business processes: the power is in the details.
This principle means that the biggest victories in the auto parts business begin with small things. A variety of products and careful selection, product quality guarantees, a convenient system of goods search and ordering, prompt delivery to any place specified by the customer, customer service that meets the highest Western standards, and, of course, an exceptional and motivated team of employees loving their job – all of this is important to ensure the respect and trust of our customers and partners.
We can safely state that improvement, as well as attention to every detail, will continue to be EOLTAS driving force, which has already helped to achieve a lot and will not allow the company to stop on its path to new victories.
EOLTAS Group is engaged in retail and wholesale trading of automotive parts in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Albania, Holland, Greece, Norway, Finland and other European countries. The experience of more than 25 years of successful work has allowed EOLTAS to become not only one of the auto parts market leaders in the Baltic countries, but also the exporter of the year in Lithuania (2015).
The company sells engine and chassis parts for cars and commercial vehicles from Europe, Japan and the USA. The diversity of products is evidenced by the fact that EOLTAS is an authorized representative of more than 80 auto parts manufacturers in Lithuania and neighboring countries. The range of locally stored parts exceeds 100,000 items. Due to modern information technologies, more than 1 million different goods can be found and ordered directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse.
EOLTAS Group’s pride is its own EGT auto parts trademark already loved by the drivers. We offer more than 6,000 most popular positions of EGT auto parts and continue to expand the range to help the drivers find products with balanced price and quality that meet even the highest users’ expectations.
Team and partners
The source of power for EOLTAS is a professional and holistic team of workers. Only qualified and motivated professionals loving their job can establish and maintain long-term relationships with partners and customers of EOLTAS Group – automotive service centers, automotive parts stores and authorized representatives of car manufacturers. The mutual benefit based on the partnership is constantly enhanced by investing in seminars, exercises and loyalty programs.
Trade centers
EOLTAS is actively expanding the network of its trade centers Viskas automobiliui (“Everything for the car”). Our goal is to ensure all drivers’ ability to comfortably reach EOLTAS retail spaces and find everything they need for responsible car maintenance and repair there. We strive to ensure every car owners’ feeling like our most important customer when visiting the Viskas automobiliui trade center. This pleasant feeling is created not only by the order and professional service in the trade centers, but even small details – games with prizes, fresh and tasty coffee, as well as other promotions.
Currently, the EOLTAS network owns more than 40 Viskas automobiliui trade centers just in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Therefore, you can be sure that the nearest EOLTAS store is not very far from your home or place of work. The largest EOLTAS retail center is located in Kaunas, its area is more than 1,000 square meters. This is the largest trade center for such auto parts in the Baltic countries. You can find a full list of EOLTAS trade centers and representative offices in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, their addresses and working hours in the contact section.
Service centers
EOLTAS Group owns not only the Viskas automobiliui automotive parts centers, but also modern car service centers providing all the necessary services for car maintenance and repair.
The car owners trusting their vehicles to EOLTAS masters are sure about professional performance of all car repair and maintenance services in compliance with the highest European standards, thus saving not only the driver’s time, but also his or her money. The company promotes the culture of responsible and careful customer service based on the EOLTAS Group’s main principle: the power is in the details. Both in Kaunas, where the country’s largest EOLTAS car service complex works, and in the center located in Klaipeda, we do everything to revive the cars and let them serve for many years. This is done in order to comply with the driver’s trust, which is not easy to get and even harder to maintain.
More information about all of today’s EOLTAS service network members can be found in the car service section.
Offers and promotions
The partners and customers choose EOLTAS, because they want to save money without risking the safety and durability of the cars. Therefore, the EOLTAS group of companies is closely monitoring changes in the market and responding to them in order to maintain the maximum competitiveness of prices for the products and services and their acceptability for the buyer. Our goal is to provide the car owners with an opportunity not to wait for special sales or chase advertising discounts. The beneficial prices for goods should please them all year round. On the other hand, EOLTAS faithful customers are periodically awarded with special offers and promotions allowing to take care of the car at an even lower cost. You can find the latest information about the special offers by EOLTAS on the website in the promotion section.