Friday, July 19, 2019

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Auto service "Viskas Automobiliui"(All for your car)

JSC Eoltas auto service center "Viskas automobiliui" started it's activity in 2006 January 9 Address: Kaunas, Žemaičių pl. 65A (Šilainiai territory).

Activities: automotive repair and maintenance.

Type of business: passenger cars and freight vehicles (to 5t.) Engine, chassis, auto electrical part of the diagnosis and repair, tire service.

Additional services: car washing, interior cleaning, all types of oil change, fotokamerinis wheel geometry alignment, an optical beam control, air-conditioning system repair, car exhaust and smoke control, an alternate car tires Hotel (storage), failed car transportation.

Auto Repair Center - is a modern, about 1250 square meters large.The general area of the two-storey building consisting of individual work and leisure premises for the Centre.
Auto repair center has 14 hydraulic lifts, wheel balancing stand, chassis, shock absorbers, brake testing stand, the wheel assembly, wheel balancing machines, gas analyzer, smoke testing stand, washers and cleaning equipment, optical beam adjustment stand, air conditioning installation completed, computer diagnostics stand, and other modern tools.
All employees have the necessary education and is operating licenses.
According to staff personnel are distributed among categories: auto repair guide - 1, -22 service professionals: from the three makers, a master service, a supplier of two masters of power, a wheel geometry specialist, a tire repair specialist, a body washes worker, 1 car leather cleaner, 11  metalworkers.
Auto repair center regularly discussed and analyzed in various developments, assess their positive and negative effects on the auto service. Centre introducing advanced information systems.  

Auto cener working hours:
I-V from 8.00h. to 19.00h.
VI from 9.00h. up to 16 hours.
VII - Closed.

Žemaičių pl. 65A, Kaunas, Lithuania